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We wholeheartedly welcome you into the Yoga in the Stars family!

Here is the amazing deal you are getting




£44/mo each,

or £69/mo for couples.

Sign up today.

Cancel anytime.

Unlimited sessions - choose from up to 4 classes per day.

1-1 consultations and coaching giving you personalised attention if you want.

VIP members benefits - free or discounted special curated experiences including Music and Sound Journeys, Energy Work, Food Yoga exploring optimal health through nutrition and monthly Luna Rituals

3 guest list passes per month to bring your friends, family and loved ones. 2 passes for regular sessions and 1 for special curated experiences.

You also get to book the studio space and equipment for FREE for self-practice, and you can bring your friends and loved ones - with just a £3 surcharge for non-members. This itself is immense value - nowhere else on Earth that we know of gives you this!

Optionally you can have a teacher at your booked studio space session, for 1/2 price £60 £30 so that you can have an intimate taught session with your friends and loved ones.

Choose from: Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini, Energy-work, Primal Flow, Unity, Meditation and more, or try out all the styles! Or just go with the flow...

❤ WE LOVE YOU - YOUR IDEAS ARE VALUABLE. You can also request to run events and collaborations to enrich yourself and the community, and request special sessions so that you get to co-create your yoga club your way.

FREE weekly Yoga-Social - supported by The National Lottery Community Fund - bring as many friends as you like!

LIMITED OFFER! Membership Now £44 or £69 For Couples

Unlimited sessions and amazing members perks. Apply NOW.

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