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Memberships are coming soon. Carry on reading to get a feel for what is coming, or just book a session and get involved now. 

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Memberships don't exist yet, but when they do, we aim to have them reflect our ethos and our north star. With yoga sessions and self-practice space for members and non-members, as well as retreats, day trips too and holistic coaching, creating a space for an amazing health conscious community to grow.

As a not-for-profit working towards elevated health we pursue grants and funding to subsidise our offerings. 


Starting this summer 

Here are some of our forthcoming membership concepts. We are inviting you to come for a discovery meeting over coffee to help us find the right fit for you and also help inform our next steps. 

Pop-up & Yoga-Social


Sign up for our Pop-up May 15th - 26th. Come to as many sessions as you like and get to know your local yoga community.

Yoga-Social is the FREE weekly meet-up and self-practice funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, starting in June.

Once you are signed up you can log in to the members area and book as many sessions as you like.

The Trip


Coming Soon

Subscribers at The Trip Club get personal invites to our FREE or nearly free happenings.

Whether it's a coach trip to the beach or a riverside picnic, the theme will be centred around health and broadening the human experience.

This package is for someone wanting more spontaneity and joy in their life, with tastes for eclectic experiences.

Earlybird Memberships

Coming Soon

We have three memberships coming soon. A Life Less Ordinary which will be fully inclusive with regular weekend retreats and 1-1 coaching.

Karma Yogi is a pay what you can offering, subsidised by non-monetary exchange. 

And The Quiet Hours for dawn yogis.


Sign up for earlybird discounts and news. 


Have a discovery meeting with us over coffee or join some sessions.

We can talk through everything and get to know each other.

Yes Please


And Experiences

A lifestyle club and community. Regular sessions. Retreats. Special experiences. Gong baths. Nutritional guidance. Holistic coaching. Day trips. And friendships. 

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