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Pop-up & Yoga-Social


Sign up for our Pop-up 15th - 26th. Come to as many sessions as you like and get to know your local yoga community

Yoga-Social is our weekly meet-up and self-practice funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, starting in June.

Once you are signed up you can log in oue members area and book as many session as you like

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Trip Club


Subscribers at The Trip Club get personal invites to our FREE or nearly free happenings

Whether its a coach trip to the beach or a riverside picnic, the theme will be centred around health and broadening the human experience..

This package is for someone wanting more spontinaity and joy in their life, with tastes for eclectic experiences

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Earlybird Memberships

Massive discounts

We have three memberships available, A Life Less Ordinary, Karma Yogi and Morning Yoga.

We are offering earlybird discounts for all three memberships

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Class Passes

1 Session: £12

8 Sessions: £64


Join the club

Our memberships offer unlimited potential for personal growth, through unlimited sessions, 1-1 coaching, special events and transformative lifestyle yoga retreats.

We are offering earlybird discounts for all three memberships. Choose now and cancel any time.

The Quiet Hours

£35 / mo 

£25 / mo

Take advantage of The Quiet Hours whilst the rest of the world sleeps.

- Unlimited morning sessions.

- Includes self-practice space. - 50% off retreats, courses and evening sessions.

A Life Less Ordinary

£120 / mo

£79 / mo

A Life Less Ordinary is our premium package. Allow us to be your sherpa as you climb your personal Everest.

This package is designed to take you into deep emmersion for growth and tranasformation. With all the classes you like, you can also sign up to our courses and you get 1-1 coaching every other month, plus you get a yoga retreat fully included every 3rd month.

Karma Yogi

£49-£79 / mo

(Pay what you can )

Karma Yogi is our “pay what you can” scheme. It is exactly the same as A Life Less Ordinary, but works on a “pay what you can” basis, alongside non-monetary exchange. Maybe you would like to design us a new website, assist with class facilitation a couple of times a month, or learn to bake really healthy fare for our retreats? Get creative and get in touch.

This package gives you 75% off our retreats.

Loved ones

Bring loved ones with you on your retreats for just £75.

Book now

Summer only offer!

Limited Earlybird 3 month commitment! We are offering monthly retreats June- Sept all included in our Life Less Ordinary Package. Sign up today. That means you get 3 months of unlimted classes and 3 retreats over the summer, to deeply immerse yourself for only £100 / mo

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Discovery meeting

Have a discovery meeting with us over coffee.

We can talk through everything and get to know each other

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